The Boys’ Brigade is the oldest Uniformed Christian Youth Organization for Boys in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, having been started at Saint Andrews Presbyterian (Kirk) Church in 1909 that is the reason we are celebrating Centenary 2009.

This International Movement called The Boys’ Brigade was founded by a Sunday School teacher who was also a volunteer Army Officer, by the name of William Alexander Smith (later Knighted by King George), in Glasgow Scotland on October 4th 1883, making it the oldest uniformed Organization for Boys in the world..

The Movement was introduced here in the Bahamas by Rev. H. R. Brown a Presbyterian minister on a Mission assignment by the Church of Scotland. This was documented as a part of the BB movement spreading overseas between 1887 and 1914. This included Australia, Canada, Bermuda, the Americas and the Caribbean, where the Movement began on the Island of Jamaica in 1894.

Since the movement was re-started at Grants Town Wesley Methodist Church in 1943 it has grown rapidly in its early years. In 1954 the Bahamas had 4 registered Companies and 16 registered in 1960. The number of registered Companies stands at 53 throughout the Country. There are 31 active and giving continuous services to the Boys in their respective communities.

BB Concise History 2009

During this Centennial Year, the Boys’ Brigade Organization having been built on the four (4) Pillars of Christian Citizenship, Education, Physical (Recreation and Drill), and Service (Social / Community), will focus on Education and training involving  31 Companies, comprising of 500 plus Boys and Officers. The islands that have had a presence are: Abaco, Bimini, Crooked Island, Eleuthera, Exuma, Grand Bahama, Harbour Island, Inagua, and New Providence.

The Boys’ Brigade is currently searching for all of the outstanding men who passed through or affiliated with the organization. From this pool of outstanding Men, the selection of the “Elite100” will be profiled as Legends and participate in Media Documentaries on their experiences in BB. A Stamp Collection is in the works to be issued around BB Month to coincide with a Picture Exhibition in the foyer of the General Post Office and Malls.

The Country wide celebrations will spread over 2009 and 2010, with a National Church Service and Parade in November at Saint Andrews. An Awards Banquet will follow. Cultural events will be factored in with the Junkanoo expression, Plays,and Concerts. The International Centenary Camp is being planned for the Island of Grand Bahama, during the Summer of 2010, thus giving our International Guests an experience of both New Providence and Grand Bahama.

Let us bear in mind, our purpose and Objective is “The advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of Habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self respect, and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness. In technology terms, the input is the Boy, processed by the BB program, and the output is a Christian man.